Caves are natural subterranean cavities in all sorts of rock. Some of them are formed simultaneously with rocks, others are made in existing rocks by the outside agents such as chemical reaction, mechanical activity of water, tectonic movements and weathering. The Jurassic Upland is like a cheese – hole holed by the caves. It depends on you, which you choose – adapted for sightseeing with the guide, illuminated along trials and comfortably paved but often crowded by the tourists or examined by potholers, more ambitious, more efforts, but satisfaction is guaranteed .

At Jurassic caves you can observe bats – the best known cave – inhabitants, only mammals that can fly. Owning to their ability of echolocation, they have an excellent orientation in the darkness of caves. Caving is an activity for those, who are interested in the mystic underground world. There is a short tutorial beforehand; including the explanation of mineral deposition processes and caves’ ecosystems. We provide you instructor and full equipment. It is essential to have clothes for change. Remember! temperatures in caves are much lower than outside (5-7 °C)