In the north – west from Krakow Jurassic (limestone) rocks are standing out from the ground. They gather in groups on hills or they are placed in valleys along torrents. This area is called The Jura Krakowsko-Czestochowska or Jurassic Upland. We offer a wide spectrum of climbing in Jurassic valleys. This possibility maybe an interesting diversity of the traditional way of sightseeing Krakow – one day in the city, one day in valleys. There is no limitation to participate in such tours neither from age nor physical abilities matters. Our instructors are members of The Polish Alpinism Association and have excellent qualifications, which guarantees both safety and a good time. We use only certified equipment.

Climbing activity is dedicated to people who get accustomed with climbing and also to those who has never tried this sport. Everyone can find something interesting for his/her own. Climbing tours are only 1-2 pitches high, various in difficulties from 3 in UIAA scale. The climbing day is up to six hours day with a climbing instructor in Jurassic Valleys. All equipment is provided.