Do not be surprised to find that other Polish websites are different than this one. The reason is that we do not need to tell Poles all about the Tatra Mountains, the Podhale Region, and the Jurassic Valleys around Krakow, because they are taught about these beautiful places in primary school, so they know it by heart. However, you, my readers, have never had a chance to learn about these things. We would like to show them to you and, what is more, make you eager to see our country with or without assistance from BAG.

Please note that we do not intend to offer you via ferrata climbing in the mountains, but if you want information about it, you are welcome to write an e-mail to us and discuss the details.



  • instructor of the sport climbing
  • an experienced Tatra Mountains guide
  • an International Mountain Leader UIMLA
  • a retired member of The Tatras’ Rescue Team (TOPR)
  • a Tour Leader
  • a technician of International Rope Access Trade Association – level 3
  • a nice, friendly guy who will ensure you get maximum benefit from any activity


  • a well-educated Tatra Mountains guide
  • a Tour Leader
  • a speleologist, member of Cracow Caving Club
  • a competent climber
  • an admirer of canyoning, member of Tatra Canyon Club
  • a pedagog as a main profession
  • a Rope Access technician